Welcome to Paper Trade Associates. We are Pulp, Paper and Tissue Industry Manufacturers’ Representatives. We have experience in all aspects of the process. Starting in the Pulp Mill and Stock Prep all the way through converting. Please check out our offerings and let us know if you have specific interests in our offerings. 

We have recently added a few new Principals: Lundberg LDX Solutions(Pulp Mill Process Engineering & Equipment) and Simeoni who supplies Water Treatment Equipment such as DAFs, and Fibre Recovery Systems etc……



Pulp, Paper & Tissue related products:

  • Production & Quality Related: Foils, Flatbox Covers, Uhle Covers, Edge Control/Deckles, Showers, Environmental High Impact Clothing Cleaning Solutions, Shower Nozzles, Turn-up Systems, Rope System Components, Camera and Lighting Equipment, Drying Steam Systems, Threading Equipment, Design and Troubleshooting for Rope and Air-Pan systems, Felt Stretches…….
  • Maintenance Related: Spreader/Bowed Rolls, Suction Roll parts, Screw-Press Rebuilds, Calender Rolls, Rope Sheaves/Stretchers, Pulper Rotors, Dryer Hood and Air System Components/Design, Rope Threading Equipment (sheaves, stretchers, mounting hardware etc….)
  • Services: rebuilds, consulting, engineering and design of: bowed rolls, screw-presses, calender rolls, pulpers, shower oscillators, steam and condensate systems, dryer hood and building air system rebuilds/design, headbox repairs, Threading System Troubleshooting.
  • Optimization of: fourdrinier tables, screw-presses, headboxes, press sections, threading systems, camera systems for break detection and defects, steam system optimization, 

Building Product Solutions:

Kiln Air and Dust Systems, Baghouses, Material Handling, Machine Room and Building Ventilation, Motor Cooling etc…………………….

Who is PTA?

(PTA) Paper Trade Associates is a Manufacturers Rep organization. Our Representatives average 40 + years of Paper Industry experience and knowledge. Our Reps are on the road and in mills every week.

This website was updated on October 16, 2023