Production & Quality Related Products

Production & Quality Related:

  • Pulp Mill Process Engineering & Equipment Supply
  • Wet-End  components such as: Headboxes, Foils in Poly or Ceramics, Activity Foils, Formation aides, Flatbox Covers, Low-Vac Blades/Covers, Showers, Gravity Strainers, Shower  Nozzles, Trim Squirts &n Assemblies, Edge Control Systems, Deckle-Boards
  • Press Section components such as: Uhle Covers, Uhle Boxes, Showers, Felt Stretches
  • Dryer Section components such as: Steam System components, design and engineering, Dryer Can Cleaning and Release Coatings, Dryer Air Systems, Pocket Ventilation Systems, Dryer Hoods, Air Make-up systems (AMUs), Felt Stretches
  • Coater Section components:  Coater Blades in Ceramic, Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Stock Prep components such as: Pulpers, Pulper Rebuilds, Hot Stock Dispersion Systems, Fiber Recovery Gravity Strainers, Screw Press Rebuilds and optimizations
  • Threading Equipment: Rope Threading Equipment, Design, Consulting, Air-Pan Threaders
  • Camera & Lighting Systems: for break causes and defect detection