Lundberg LDX Solutions

Pulp Mill Process Engineering and Equipment Supply

The (LDX) Lundberg® brand expertise in engineered solutions for your pulping operations includes systems that improve operational efficiencies, expand plant capacity, and reduce pollution emissions. With over 80 years of experience in engineering systems across the globe, our commitment to the industry and the experience of our team give us the expertise that our customers have come to rely on.

NCG Collection Systems:

Strong and Weak Gas Systems
Collection and Treatment
Gas Scrubbing
Transport and Destruction

Gas Incineration / Oxidation:
Conventional Incinerators
Flare and Hot Stack Designs
RTOs and RCOs
Kilns and Boilers

Methanol Collection:
Condensate Collection and Segregation
MEOH Stripping Systems
Stripper Off Gas Transport
Rectification Systems
Liquefaction Systems

Batch Blow Heat Systems:
Accumulator Design
Heat Recovery Design

Tube or Plate Technology
LTV, Falling Film, and Crystallization
Pre-Evaporation Systems
Surface Condensers
Liquor Concentrators

Heavy Liquor Heaters:
Indirect with Recirculation
Pressurized Storage

Black Liquor Oxidation:
Primary Reactor Design
White Liquor Oxidizers:
Air Compressed Systems
Molecular Oxygen Systems
Sulfur Burners:
Conventional Modules
Heat and Chemical Recovery Designs

Ash Treatment:
Chloride Removal Systems

Turpentine Systems:
Collection and condensing
Decanting and Storage
Red Oil Handling

Soap Collection Systems:
Floating Skimmers
Evaporator Skimmers
Liquor Separator

CTO Acidulation:
Dual Decanting Systems
Pre-Acidulation Modules
Vent Scrubbing Modules

Particulate Collection:
Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
Bag Houses
Cartridge Filters
Multiclones and Cyclones

Process Systems Design
Process Systems Audits
HAZOP and PHA Support
Process Systems Training and Inspections

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