EZ Eco Smart Shower

Want to save over 90% on your clothing shower water usage? Valmet/Coldwater’s EZ Eco Smart Shower is your solution!

Click here to go to a link of a video on the latest installation of a EZ Eco Smart Shower System on a very large paper machine.

Here is a presentation in PDF format on the EZ Eco Smart Cleaner Water and Energy Saving

This video above is of a high speed machine running! You can’t even tell because there is absolutely no misting etc……

Shower coverage rate calculation spreadsheet: Copy of Cleaning efficiency Finish PLY Bottom Fabric Imperial

Valmet/Coldwater has started up their first North American installation in June 2019. The results have been tremendous! Here are a few of the benefits this Recycled Liner Machine has experienced so far.

  • Achieved a production record
  • Over 50% reduction in sheet breaks
  • Shut off of both top and bottom wire HP showers and took out top mist removal box for HP shower
  • Shut off 3 bottom wire lubrication showers
  • Shut off the passivation chemical shower
  • shut off all edge cleaning showers
  • Water reduction of 75 million gallons per year
  • Energy reduction of 675 kWh/yr (CO2 reduction per year of 410 tons)
  • no more accumulation on headbox caused by wire carry over.
  • much dryer wet end, safer for operators, and less time required for cleaning the machine during sheet breaks or downtime.

6 more systems will be installed by early 2020 in United States. Total systems running World-Wide is over 130 Systems!