• Production & Quality Related: Foils, Flatbox Covers, Uhle Covers, Edge Control/Deckles, Showers, Shower Nozzles, Turn-up Systems, Rope System Components, Camera and Lighting Equipment, Press Sections, Headboxes,  Drying Steam Systems, Infrared Drying, Threading Equipment, Design and Troubleshooting for Rope and Air-Pan systems, Felt Stretches……….
  • Maintenance Related: Spreader/Bowed Rolls, Suction Roll parts, Screw-Press Rebuilds, Calender Rolls, Gears and Dryer Gears, Rope Sheaves/Stretchers, Pulper Rotors, Dryer Hood and Air System Components/Design, Rope Threading Equipment (sheaves, stretchers, mounting hardware etc….)
  • Services: rebuilds, consulting, engineering and design of: bowed rolls, screw-presses, calender rolls, pulpers, shower oscillators, steam and condensate systems, dryer gear refilling, dryer hood and building air system rebuilds/design, headbox repairs, Threading System Troubleshooting
  • Optimization of: fourdrinier tables, screw-presses, headboxes, press sections, threading systems, camera systems for break detection and defects, steam system optimization, Infrared drying for sheet edges, coating and pre-heating, shoe-presses, new headboxes