Applied Roller Technology (ART): Spreader/Bowed Rolls

BEST H2O: Screw-Press Specialists

Cellwood Machinery: Hot Dispersion Systems and Pulpers and Pulper Rebuilds

Coldwater: Poly and Ceramic Foils, Suction Roll Seals, Headbox Services, Dr Blades, Scanning Showers and Dryer Passivation

Custom Threading: Rope and Air Threading equipment and services, rope sheaves etc…

CVN/Vooner: Showers, Uhle Boxes, Vacuum Pumps & Separators

Du-Mor Blade: Coater Blades

ECS (Event Capture Systems) Camera and lighting systems

Fulton Systems: Steam and Condensate Systems

IRCon: Electric Infrared Drying Systems     Bekaert-Solaronics: Gas Infrared Drying

PMP Group: Paper Machinery Producer

Sandar: Tape Turn-up systems

Showers for: Clothing Cleaning, Lubrication and Trimming etc…..

SOS (Shower Oscillator Services) Shower Oscillator rebuild services on Kadant Oscillators

Southern Erectors/Thermal Systems Group (SEI/TSG): Air System design and repairs for buildings, paper machine hoods etc……

Spray Tech: all styles of shower nozzles: jet, fan, ruby & sapphire inserts

Vacuum Pumps