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We represent GT Flowtech for Headbox Sheets of Lexan and Graphite as well as the items listed below:

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LEXAN® Sheets

Lowest cost solution

Custom manufactured for your application
- 0.040” and 0.120” thick (blunt tip or tapered)
- Designs for all types of headboxes that use sheets

If sheet life or handling is a problem, consider our longer life, more chemically resistant graphite sheets.

Graphite Sheets

Lower operating cost and reduced maintenance
4 to 6 times the life of polycarbonate
Do not need to be removed for chemical cleaning (boil-outs) of the headbox
Custom manufactured for your application
- Any thickness (blunt tip or tapered)
- Designs for all headboxes

Teflon Coated LEXAN® Sheets

Reduces stock build-up on sheets

Minimizes maintenance and handling required for cleaning sheets.

Press Wipes and Dryer Vacuum Box Seals

LEXAN® wipes for shoe presses

Teflon and PEEK seal strips for dryer pocket ventilation boxes

Pulse Attenuator Parts

Neoprene diaphragms

Chemically resistant diaphragms


Foam Blocks


Bleed Valves

Engineering and Consulting Services

In-house engineering and CADD design

Wet end papermaking consulting
- TSO optimization
- Headbox troubleshooting
- Attenuator service
- Other

Miscellaneous Headbox Components

Tubebank Inserts

Slice Lip Springs and Hardware

Dilution Control Valves and Hoses

Flexible Headbox Inlet Hoses

Stainless Steel Fabricated Components


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