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Fulton Systems is focused...our only business is quality steam and condensate systems for paper machine dryers.

Fulton offers products and engineering services and rebuilds



  • A device utilizing high pressure steam to entrain steam at lower pressures and discharge the mixtures at intermediate pressure. The basic thermocompressor consists of a body, diffuser, nozzle, spindle, and controlled diaphragm actuator designed to operate above atmospheric pressures.


  • An absorption type steam conditioner is a tool for the papermaking process that reduces superheated steam temperatures to saturated steam temperatures. It is designed to thoroughly mix steam and condensate using a liquid spray nozzle and mist eliminator pad.

 Steam Condenser

  • Shell and tube steam condenser, multi-pass counter current flow, TEMA type BFT with straight tubes, and floating head. Tubes are rolled into stationary tube sheet on one end and floating head tube sheet at the opposite end. Units are supplied complete with saddle supports for horizontal installation.


  • Journal mounted stationary syphon which can be inserted through the journal opening as if a single piece of pipe. As the brace and flexible metal hose pass the inner edge of the journal, the heavy spring action forces the lower stainless steel end of the siphon to drop instantly into its proper position. All further movement is prevented by the brace and set collar.

 Ballsight Flow Indicators

  • A specialized pipe fitting for installation in process piping to allow visual verification of flow conditions inside pipe.  Designed specifically for steam and hot condensate service.  Flow conditions may be  regulated with adjustable units.

 Modular Separator

  • Units are supplied in modular form with equipment mounted on a structural frame base. The separator tank receives the two phase mixture of blowthrough steam and condensate from the dryer sections. Internal baffling combined with conservative fluid velocities, separates the two phase flow. The steam exits the separator and is made available to the process. The condensate level in the tank is automatically controlled through a condensate pump and level valve to maintain constant level conditions in the tank.

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