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Cellwood Machinery develops well known brand products such as Krima Dispersion Systems and Grubbens Pulpers and Pulper upgrade products.

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Cellwood’s primary products

Dispersing system: Krima Dispersing System is exclusively designed for dispersing waxes, hot melts, bitumen, stickies, laser ink as well as heavy colors.

Pulper Rotors: Grubbens rotors are specially designed to operate at high consistency with baled pulp or broke. Regardless of whether it is bales, paper machine web or guillotine broke, high consistency is essential for achieving optimum results

Cellwood’s secondary  products

Grubbens Stock Pump: Grubbens centrifugal pumps are specially designed for transportation of liquids with variable consistency, or liquids containing air bubbles and lumps. Stock concentration up to 8% can be pumped without in-feed pressure. With in-feed pressure it can even manage to pump up to 12%.
The self-ventilating rotor has no constrictions and therefore minimise the risk of blocking.

Reject separator: Grubbens reject separator is a pulper cleaning equipment for LC, MC and HC pulper.

Deflaker: Grubbens Deflaker is used for separating of fibres in broke systems, virgin pulp systems and waste handling. Even wet strength paper qualities can be deflaked.

High Density Cleaner: Grubbens High Density Cleaner takes care of unwanted particles and removes them from the suspension according to the vortex separation principle. Parts that have a higher density than the pulp, such as screws, nails, staples, steel parts, stones and pebbles are effectively removed and gathered in the reject chamber.

Dewaterer Screw Type SDPP: Practically all fibre suspensions can be treated with the Krima Screw Dewaterer, normally within the consistency range of 3–20%.

Screw Press Type KSR: Screw press type KSR for an inlet consistency of 3%. The screw press gives excellent results on recycled paper as well as virgin pulp.

Screw Press type RR: Screw press type RR for an inlet consistency of 8%. The screw press gives excellent results on recycled paper as well as virgin pulp.




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