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[Bowed Rolls/Repairs]
[Calender Rolls]
[Coater Blades]
[Doctor Blades]
[Dispersion Systems/Pulpers]
[Dryer Hoods/Ventilation/Ceilings]
[Gearbox Repairs]
[Headbox Inspection Services]
[Headbox Sheets]
[Infrared Drying]
[Machine Frames, Stretches etc...]
[Paper Machine Components]
[Poly/Ceramic Drainage]
[Sandar Turnup Systems]
[Shower Oscillator Services]
[Shower/Vacuum Systems]
[Shower Nozzles]
[Steam Systems]
[Suction Roll Parts]

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CVN offers ways to improve the mills performance with fixed and oscillating showers to lubricate rolls, clean press fabrics and apply chemicals. CVN mechanical oscillators produce "complete coverage cleaning," a trademark of CVN in the industry. Vacuum dewatering of press fabrics is done evenly with rugged suction boxes strong enough to support lower long term cost ceramic covers. Mill's are increasingly recycling process water to improve profits, which then requires removing of fibers with strainers, tube filters and cooling towers from CVN.


Vooner Vacuum Pumps and System components

Vooner has been providing water removal expertise to the paper manufacturing industry for over 15 years. Our Vooner Vacuum Pumps provide:

  • · Longer life from stainless steel internals
  • · Easier maintenance with removable bearing carriers
  • · Greater airflow and reduced water usage with Vooner’s exclusive FloGard Technology
  • · Lower purchase/ operating costs – proven with TECPro™ Total Evaluated Cost analysis program
  • · Technical assistance in pump sizing and start-up
  • · Full 3 year new pump warranty
  • But we don’t just claim that our Vooner FloGard Technology can increase tons-per-day paper production, we prove it! By measuring the reduction of airflow from your aging pump’s original capacity, you can better position your vacuum resources for future needs.

    Vooner’s TECPro™ computer program compares your present production to your potential –showing how Vooner’s FloGard Technology will:
  • · Increase production
  • · Speed your return on investment
  • · Improve earnings


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