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We offer the broadest selection of Coater Blades available on the world market today, Du-Mor Blades.  From Blue Steel to High-End Ceramics.

All of Du-Mor’s blades are manufactured in the U.S.A..

Working together with Du-Mor Blade Co. we have been able to optimize many coater blade applications.  This optimization has helped many mills eliminate or greatly reduce:

  • blade related defects (i.e. scratches, scabs, slugs, weeping)
  • reel rejects
  • blade edge wear (stuck edges, coating scale...)

While giving mills:

  • longer blade life
  • longer run times
  • reducing blade cost
  • Higher production yields

example: “If we had switched to Du-Mor Blade 2 1/2 years ago we would have saved over $12 million in lost rejected paper!”

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