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Products offered/serviced  below:

[Bowed Rolls/Repairs]
[Calender Rolls]
[Coater Blades]
[Doctor Blades]
[Dispersion Systems/Pulpers]
[Dryer Hoods/Ventilation/Ceilings]
[Gearbox Repairs]
[Headbox Inspection Services]
[Headbox Sheets]
[Infrared Drying]
[Machine Frames, Stretches etc...]
[Paper Machine Components]
[Poly/Ceramic Drainage]
[Sandar Turnup Systems]
[Shower Oscillator Services]
[Shower/Vacuum Systems]
[Shower Nozzles]
[Steam Systems]
[Suction Roll Parts]

Paper Trade Associates is a Sales and Service Agency selling and servicing products to Pulp & Paper Mills as well as related Paper Converters etc...

Paper Trade Associates was founded by Chris Kellner and Tom Morganstern Jr in 1991.  Both Chris and Tom come from Paper Industry Family backgrounds. 

Company Personnel

Tom Morganstern (partner)has serviced the Pulp, Paper and related industries since 1981. Tom’s email

Tom Morganstern cellular 207-232-0685

Chris Kellner (partner)has serviced the Pulp, Paper and related industries since 1980. Chris’ email

Chris Kellner cellular 413-478-0560

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